Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 20.9

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Surely it's the horned beast itself!

YES! We are back. Sorry about our absence. It was……necessary.
You may remember hearing talk of a Greek Metal special. Well grab your bouzouki and start smashing the dishes, because here it is! With the recent acquisition of a compilation CD we bring you bands to mangle your Moussaka. We'd like to apologize for this week's episode art…but we won't. On this week's show: ABNORMAL INHUMANE, HEAD CLEANER, SOULSKINNER, TERRORDROME, RESURGENCY, NECRORGASM, IXPAPALOTL, ECHIDNA, BLOOD ERECTION, BIRTH THROUGH GORE, HAIL OF BULLETS, COCK & BALL TORTURE, DEATHWISH, IMPULSE MANSLAUGHTER, CANNIBAL CORPSE, DISCHARGE, ONSLAUGHT & this week's Dedicated Booking showcase band: IRON FIRE.

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  • Robert on

    Welcome back, good show!

  • Dave Ingram on

    Thank you! I believe we're up to Episode 21.2 as of now. But we're always a bit "wibbley-wobbley timey-wimey" 😉

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