Show: Velvet Darkness
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The Gothic and Industrial tour de force known as Velvet Darkness is hosted by the Lord Dracul. Through a haze of clove smoke and a sea of fishnet, he opens the darkest depths of the crypt with a healthy dose of music that is best listened to in the cold comfort of a black candle and a glass of absinthe. His musical philosophy is "keep music evil, and with tongue planted firmly in cheek" and that he does each and every week.
A long time member of the Church of Satan, Dracul is intent on utilizing the format to put the needed spotlight on bands and artists in the genre that are relevant to the Satanist and to help spread the word about the work that those artists are doing. Realizing that those who populate Goth nights at clubs in their locales are also interested in music that existed on the fringes of both musical worlds, Dracul also features many bands that flirted with Goth themes and Industrial remixes. Old school goths and rivetheads, fear no, though, he will be delivering the goods when it comes to the classic groups of the genres as well, like Bauhaus, The Sisters of Mercy, Fields of the Nephilim, and Specimen. So join him each week as he emerges from the crypt to serve as your guide through the darkness...the Velvet Darkness.