Lambert's Basement - Episode #170 (hosted by Bill M.)

Lambert's Basement with Bill M

This week on Radio Free Satan, David Ingram steps out to host the Devil's Mischief.  Meanwhile, Reverend Bill M. (with help from with Satanbear and Igor) hosts Lambert's Basement!

Songs with devilish themes have been around long before rock music.  In fact, dozens of examples are listed in the appendix of Magistra Blanche Barton's rare book, "The Church of Satan". Tune in to hear a special hour of these diabolical jazz classics, including "Satanic Blues", "Old Devil Moon", "At the Devil's Ball", "Satan Takes a Holiday", and so much more.  Don't miss it!

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  • Bill M. on

    Some of you listening to this right now (11/27) might notice that the track "Stay Down Here Where You Belong" is introduced after the first break, but not played. This is due to a technical error on are part. Sorry! We'll try to fix this ASAP!

  • Charlie on

    Thank You!

  • Bill M. on

    Actually, correction: the clip is THERE, it's just in the wrong order. If you listen to the episode, I announce that "Satanic Blues" would follow "Stay Down Here Where You Belong", but the order gets swapped. Whoops! Sorry about that. Again, we'll try to fix it.

  • alexander on

    great music, love that they have this web site . Now i can hear more of the devil, thats what i really need . Hail satan . please don't ever stop.

  • admin on

    Episode has been updated with the correct mix! To verify you got the right version the file downloaded should be "LB170_billm_fixed.mp3".

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