Lambert's Basement Episode 138

Lambert's Basement Feature

Episode 138

Week of December 12, 2011

Igor is still suffering a hangover from last week's cocktail extravaganza. He drinks like a (zombie) fish. Dave is all prepared though, and fresh for a frolic through some fabulous fancies, so listen in and hear the delights of Louis Jordan, Nina Simone, Woody Herman and more.

Louis Jordan:
A man ain't a man
Whiskey do your stuff
Is you is, or is you ain't my baby?

Muddy Waters:
Atomic bomb blues
Burying Ground

Nina Simone:
Feeling good
I put a spell on you
The look of love

Woody Herman:
Basie's basement
Put that ring on my finger
Blowin' up a storm

Fletcher Henderson & his Orchestra:
Sugar foot stomp
Hot & anxious
Stealin' apples

Charlie Barnet:
Emperor Jones
Desert sands
Pompton turnpike

Ray Noble & his Orchestra:
It's all forgotten now
Who walks in when I walk out?

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