Lambert's Basement - Episode #114


Dave is away on vacation for this week & next, so there will be a repeat of two previous shows. Both he and Igor wouldn't want you to be without!

Dave & Igor had a request from their good friend Darren Deicide for a Jimmie Lunceford track. This gave the temporal twins the idea for a special episode, since they have multiple songs by that artist. So enjoy a slightly extended feast of nostalgia this week. In other news, Igor is going on vacation for 2 weeks - back to his Aunt Nessie in Scotland - so Dave drops him off. It's all go down in Lambert's Basement….so why not listen in?


Jimmie Lunceford:

Jay Gee

Rhythm Is Our Business

Runnin' Wild

(If I Had) Rhythm In My Nursery Rhymes

I'm Nuts About Screwy Music

Running A Temperature

I'll See You In My Dreams

Hell's Bells

Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet

Pigeon Walk

Sweet Sue, Just You

'Taint What You Do (It's The Way That You Do It)

I'm In An Awful Mood

Bugs Parade

It's Time To Jump And Shout

Monotony In Four Flats

Minnie The Moocher Is Dead

Whatcha Know Joe?

Flight Of The Jitterbug

Battle Axe

I'm Losing My Mind (Because Of You)

That Someone Must Be You

Oh Gee, Oh Gosh

For Dancers Only

One O'Clock Jump

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