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The Devil's Mischief #598

This month marks the 15th anniversary of the debut double album from DAVID CROSS, "Shut Up You Fucking Baby". Hear selected tracks from one of Bill's favorite stand-up albums, along with talk on the... Read more

The Devil's Mischief - Halloween 2017

Time for the annual HALLOWEEN special! Hear spooky comedic tales from NICK DI PAOLO and EDDIE MURPHY, along with some brand new PATTON OSWALT. Also Halloween novelty from SPIKE JONES, ALICE COOPER,... Read more

The Devil's Mischief #596

In 2017, CAROL BURNETT toured around the U.S. with a unique audience Q&A show. Hear some exclusive recordings from it, along with book excerpts from GEORGE CARLIN and a little tribute to TOM... Read more

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The Devil's Mischief is a one-hour comedy & novelty internet radio show, with an emphasis on material that the DJ deems to be "not for the masses".

Get more information, including an FAQ and past episode details at devilsmischief.com.

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