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Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 37.8

“…Well, yes. Does a bit.” Goddag, goddag! Tag hatten af! Back with a bang (but that was just the mixer exploding) and it’s a Danish Metal special this week. A vicarious vetting of vicious... Read more

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 37.7

“You’re thinking of time as a strict progression…” Due to some technical difficulties, such as the MBR mixer going tits-up, and a very busy vocal recording schedule tying up the other mixer,... Read more

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 37.6

“Yeah, that sounds perfectly terrible.” Another feast of frothy freshness this week, and the boys are on their best behaviour. Dave, Bob and Kent are all on top form, bringing a choice selection... Read more

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Dave Ingram (ex-Bolt Thrower/Benediction) and Donovan Spenceley (ex-Downlord/Nepenthe) bring you a weekly dose of Metal scrutiny, as underground bands run the gauntlet for 2 hours each week.

Opinionated banter, with plenty of frosty ale.

Dave Ingram