Episode #418 - George Carlin interview & more

Devil's Mischief Featured

The Devil's Mischief #418
May 21-27, 2012

Hear one of the last interviews from GEORGE CARLIN.  Carlin talks about a variety of topics, ranging from his days as a DJ in the 1950s and later changes in the radio industry, to general human stupidity, to his humorously grim predictions of America's future.  Also hear some excerpts from his very last album and HBO special of the same name, "It's Bad for Ya".  Tune in for a whole hour of a true one Satanic comedic icon!

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  • Robert on

    Rev. Bill

    Thank you so much for this interview. Usually I don't care about the passing of public figures (if I can call George that) but it still gets me upset that he is gone. He truly was a visionary that made us, at least some of us, look at ourselves and how fucked up we are; and with it give us hope on changing our crooked paths. It's always a treat when one of his clips is included in your show; hail George I hope you are roasting Jesus with the best of them!


  • Bill M. on

    You're welcome, Robert! I knew before I even started TDM that he was going to be a frequently featured comedian. I try not to over-play him, but it's hard not to when there's over 40 years of recordings to draw from. I wouldn't say he "gave us hope" though; he explicitly said that his motto was "Fuck hope!"

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