Terror Transmission EP86: Countess Dracula



Have you ever been bored? Not merely restless and unoccupied, but really, REALLY bored? Bored enough to... slaughter a bunch of hapless virgins and bathe in their blood? If so, then do we have an episode for you! That's right, heave up that cleavage and hoist your drink to eternal youth as Matt and Jason bring you the sanguinary story of 1971's Countess Dracula. Sure, there isn't a vampire to be found, but that shouldn't stop you from suckling the teat of movie background, female serial killers, magic Dio ashes, the Eric Roberts lookalike, Ingrid's Nazi tales, gay reindeer, an extensive look at the Bathory tale, the Ingrid Pitt / Peter Criss Connection, learning diversity from Benny Hill, the smell from the DVD room and other questionable fluids. And if your handsome hosts disappear, remember... try the whorehouse!

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