Terror Transmission EP77: A Nightmare On Elm Street

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Are you ready for Freddy? Your handsome hosts sure are and we've stayed up WAY too late to bring you the 1984 classic slasher, A Nightmare On Elm Street. So, pick up a bottle and veg out with us as we put to bed some razor-sharp movie trivia, the whiskey spit take, the hotness of availability, '80s morality, how Matt became a KISS fan, sleepwear advice for ladies, childhood bedroom shockers, the paralyzing fear of herpes, slutty theater girls and other things a crucifix won't stop. Then, when you wake up -- IF you ever wake up -- stick around as we rip our way through listener e-mail. Enjoy the show or just our pretty voices. But whatever you do. Don't. Fall. Asleep.

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  • Maximilian Schmid on

    I've downloaded maybe one or two episodes, not too long after the shows' premiere as I recall (long before your having come to the Radio Free Satan) and they appear to be the same kind of file as they were way back when.
    A quicktime file that is not strictly audio (as I type this part the Firefox download window just showed that the 3 episodes I tried downloading, 77, 76 and 78 have all failed to finish--then again they didn't get very far to begin with. The whole duration of their downloading was nothing but 'unkown time remaining' right from the execution along with the graphic of an encased string of tiny green Pez shaped segments gliding through repeatedly.)

    Because when I played those two episodes a long while ago (1 of which was for Rosemarys' Baby), it was on the RealPlayer. I'm guessing that was the only media player compatible with the shows' files. I prefer to use Windows Media Player for every thing. Along with the audio I eventually noticed a slide show of photographs.

    Is it not possible to download the show in the form of a strictly audio file such as the MP3 or what-have-you?

  • mparadise on

    AAC is an audio codec. In fact, it stands for Advanced Audio Coding. In the podcast world, it's often known as an "enhanced" podcast. Details on that and why we chose this format from our show's very beginning in August 2009 are found at our FAQ...


    Also, there are a wealth of software-based players that handle AAC, including the latest version of Windows Media Player, mentioned in this section of Wikipedia's AAC article...


    Hope that helps.

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