Deep Six Radio - Episode 107

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We are back online and it feels like an eternity since we did a proper Deep Six Radio. Some great music on this weeks show, but the underground acts really do have to raise there game a lot to get Idris on side.

Some of the Bands and Artists being featured on this weeks show are: -

Korn - Get Up! (feat. Skrillex)
Incubation - Soul Eater
The Jesterdays - Gather Darkness Gather
AC/DC - Thunderstruck
Nekromantix - Trick or Treat
Thunderkraft - ??????????
Bassokah - Animal Liberation (Is Not A Crime)
Midnight Reign - The Hollywood Rx
D J Kaos - The Only Stars I Know Are The Ones In The Sky
Portable - Zero One

If you like what you hear on this show, go to and check out all the other fine shows available.

Thank you once again for tuning in.

Hail Satan!

If you want to be played on Deep Six Radio, email me your MP3's and links to : Ensure that you include a bio and anything you would like mentioning on air.

Remember you can find Deep Six Radio on Twitter, Myspace and Facebook, just search the name.

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