Death Punk Radio - Episode #1

Death Punk Radio Featured

Death Punk Radio Featured

Welcome to the premiere of Death Punk Radio!

On this episode (in order): Super Heroines, The Dark, Blood & Roses, The Danse Society, Witching Hour, Alien Sex Fiend, Ausgang, Christian Death, Corpus Delicti, Kommunity FK, Shadow Project, 45 Grave, Southern Death Cult, and Switchblade Symphony.

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  • Christopher Burgert on

    This is a great first episode Matt. Some stuff I never heard before.

    • Pauline on

      Świetne kawałki, i love it.

  • Dennis on

    A wonderful 'Best Of Deathrock' show! Without exception, personal favorites of mine! Thanks for that!

  • Magister Lang on

    Probably pull this up for my Birthday party next week......

  • Maximilian Schmid on

    There are so many neat songs in the episode. But for now, I'm just curious about the song that begins at 9:32 as well as the one right after it (presumably by Blood & Roses and The Danse Society respectively). What are the titles of those songs and the albums they are on?

    • M.D. Roche on

      9:32 is Blood & Roses - "Your Sin is Your Salvation", off of the album "Same as it Never Was".

      After that is The Danse Society - "Clock", off of the album "Seduction (The Society Collection) ".

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