Shows: Lambert's Basement & Metal Breakfast Radio
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Believe it or not, Dave Ingram is more often associated with Death Metal. He has been a member of various stalwarts of that genre such as BoltThrower, Benediction, Downlord and Strangler. It may come as a surprise to some that he hosts "Lambert's Basement" featuring another of his musical interests: Big Band, Swing and Jazz.

Dave's initial musical experience came at age 7 when he was introduced to the sounds of Black Sabbath and The Clash. It was a pivotal moment in his life, as he knew then where his path lay: Music. He first heard that 'Big Band sound' played in the soundtracks to many a Tom & Jerry cartoon and a little later his Father, Lawrence Albert Lambert Ingram (yes, the very same "Lambert") helped soften the Heavy-Metal-Head, and re-introduced him to Jazz.

His other on-going projects are 'Metal Breakfast Radio' (just added to the RFS lineup), a podcast show that gives his and his co-host's opinions on new & unsigned Metal bands, recording new songs with his 2-man project 'Doomcharge' (you can't keep a good - or bad - musician down) and living life to the fullest. Dave lives in Copenhagen, Denmark with his wife & son, and is currently attempting to teach himself how to play a flying-V ukulele. His neighbors love him.