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Dark Whispers - Episode 021 - Dance Revolution

We have another randomizer episode for you this week. DJ Lyra discovered a couple of underground artists she wanted to spotlight and thought another randomizer was in order. The two underground artists featured are Autopsie d'Une Ombre - a coldwave artist based out of France - and PROGRAMYST - an instrumental EBM artist. Links to their work can be found below. This episode also features some great tunes by the likes of [X]-Rx, God Module, Phosgore, Krsytal System, Alien Vampires, and Psyclon 9.

Autopsie d'Une Ombre: https://autopsieduneombre.bandcamp.com/releases

PROGRAMYST: https://soundcloud.com/programyst


Dark Whispers - Episode 020 - Whispers

Our 20th episode! We've officially  broken the "most new podcasts die before getting to 20 episodes" limit! DJ Lyra celebrates by doing a special video. The theme for this episode is "Whispers", thus completing the exploration of what this show is: Dark and Whispers. All the music on this episode features whispering type vocals. This episode features C-Lekktor, Trakktor, Suicide Commando, Velvet Acid Christ, ESC, Amduscia, Hocico and many others! Don't miss the video and don't miss the podcast!



Dark Whispers - Episode 019 - Dark

On this episode, DJ Lyra is doing another theme: Dark. She focuses on four artists and pulls some of their darkest material. Lyra explains on the podcast that she has always  enjoyed songs in a minor tonality, and that is where we're going with this show; she finds beauty in the sadness of the songs. Don't worry, however, as she makes use of her remix deck to keep the beat going. The background music for this episode was written, recorded, and produced by Lyra and is titled "Sophismata". She would love to hear feedback on the episode and the background music.

Note regarding this episode's video: DJ Lyra is having technical issues with her cameras. Running three cameras simultaneously and loading up her remix deck in her DJ software is causing pops and clicks in the music because so much memory is being used. The same thing happens even without the remix deck. So, rather than sacrifice the quality of the music, the video for this episode is just the DJ console and DJ Lyra speaking during the break. She apologizes for this and is still looking for a solution.

Dark Whispers - Episode 018 - FVCK

On this episode of Dark Whispers, we do another theme show: DJ Lyra focuses on her favorite word. All the songs are focused around that word in some way. This show features :Wumpscut:, Centhron, Aesthetic Perfection, Pigface, Velvet Acid Christ, Razed in Black, Combichrist and many others! It was a fun show to put together and to DJ! The "rustling" sounds that can occasionally be heard while DJ Lyra is talking are from her PVC outfit.

For the video, DJ Lyra was experimenting with floodlights, and forgot to put in her usual transitions so the video is nothing but hard cuts. Sorry about that! CoS Anton LaVey footage used with permission from the CoS YouTube channel.

Dark Whispers - Episode 017 - A Farewell to the Sanitarium

This week, DJ Lyra says farewell to the longest running goth, EBM, and industrial program on RFS. JNothing picked all the tracks for this week's show (except one) and DJ Lyra agreed to DJ them as a final send off. This week's show includes Noisuf-X, Centhron Suicide Commando, Combichrist, Miss Construction, Grendel, Covenant, and many more!

The video element to the show is making the talking portions of the show that much more interesting. This week, Lyra gets real classy and talks about her "fuck stick". She pushes a lot of buttons in this episode as she adds a lot of custom beats on top of tracks to mix it up.

Beyond that, we will all miss The Sanitarium. Warlock JNothing will still be around doing The Metro and other projects. It was an honor, privilege, and a blast to put this together for him and everyone out there. Thanks for listening/watching! If you haven't watched yet, click the YouTube link below and leave a comment! You can also subscribe to DJ Lyra Shae's YouTube page here. You can find her on Facebook here and twitter here.

Dark Whispers - Episode 016 - Heresy

This week, DJ Lyra Shae brings back themes to bring you the theme of Heresy! A spiritual (for lack of a better word) successor to her very first episode: Leviathan Rising. This episode is all about heretical songs and features Gary Numan, Velvet Acid Christ, Centhron, Front Boundary, God Module, and many others!

We are pleased to announce that Dark Whispers has gone to a video format as well so that you can now watch the episodes as well as listen to them. We hope you enjoy them as it takes a lot of extra work on DJ Lyra's end putting the video together. Enjoy and let us know what you think!

Side note: DJ Lyra is aware is fucked up and said "Dark Voices" instead of "Dark Whispers at the beginning. Please don't comment to her or e-mail her about it.

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Satanist DJ Lyra Shae has been spinning in the Industrial/EBM/Goth scene for close to ten years. Outside of the podcast, she spins at Temple of Flesh regularly, which is San Antonio's biggest BDSM event every month. Outside of being an outspoken transsexual active member of the Church and attending BDSM events, she enjoys knitting, board games, video games, writing, and reading and tries her hardest not to be annoying pedant.

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