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Dark Voices - Episode 009 - Tales of Greater Magic Part II

This episode marks part two of my open-ended series on the discussion of Greater Magic. In this episode, I speak with Reverend John H. Shaw of iSatanist and also share some of my own thoughts on Greater Magic. John shares some of his more interesting experiences with Greater Magic, his thoughts on specific theory with regard to Greater Magic, as well as some lesser known fun facts about himself and iSatanist. It was a wonderful conversation and I can't wait to have John back on the show again.

Dark Voices - Episode 008 - Tales of Greater Magic Part I

On this episode of Dark Voices, we kick off our series on Greater Magic. I spoke again with Gyps Fulvus regarding his experiences with Greater Magic. We discuss the specifics of ritual as well as philosophy behind ritual. Gyps shares tales of his successes and failures with Greater Magic, and we discuss the whys and wherefores of the psychodrama that is Greater Magic (including Gyps's use of masks). It was a pleasure speaking with Gyps again and this is certainly one episode not to be missed!

gyps 2

Dark Voices - Episode 007 - BDSM & Satanism

In this episode of Dark Voices, I speak with David Padgett; a long time member of the Church of Satan and someone who is heavily involved in the BDSM scene. Ever wondered what a 24/7 Master/slave relationship is like? Or how the dynamics and practicalities of such a relationship can exist? We discuss all those details and more. We talk about the use of lesser and Greater magic and its application in finding play partners and performing scenes. We also have a conversation about our thoughts behind the philosophy laid out in "The Satanic Bible" regarding kink and sexual freedom. It's an exciting and sexy conversation that shouldn't be missed!

Please note that, in this episode, we use a lot of BDSM "scene" related terms and do not define them. So, if you haven't listened to the BDSM 101 episode yet, go back and listen to it before you jump into this one.

This episode  comes in two formats: the regular podcast format, which is available in all the usual places (headphones are recommended for the podcast version due to production quality) as well as a video. The video extends the interview a bit longer and includes some things that aren't in the podcast such as show and tell portions where David demonstrates and explains different toys, their uses, and effects on the body.



Dark Voices - Episode 006 - The Satanic Witch Part IV

This episode, we conclude our series on The Satanic Witch with Magister Bill M. This was a GREAT interview! I thoroughly enjoyed conducting it and Bill's answers were fantastic. We break down The LaVey Personality Synthesizer Clock for those that may be struggling with it in a way they may understand. We discuss the three layers of personality and what they mean in the bigger picture. We talk about the chapter "E.S.P. Extra Sensory Perception" some more to get the male perspective on some of the concepts presented within that chapter. In addition, Bill talks about his time as a professional tarot card reader, grooming for men, and his many talents as a musician and how he has applied those techniques as a warlock. If you've been waiting for some male perspective on the book or someone to explain some of the heavier/confusing topics in the book, this is your episode! If for nothing else, Bill M. is a great interviewee and a lot of fun to listen to. Don't miss out!

Disclaimer: due to the high audio production levels of Dark Voices, it is best listened to headphones.

Bill M

Dark Voices - Episode 005 - The Satanic Witch Part III

In this episode of Dark Voices, I talk to Natasha Nacre; a gifted performer and witch. In this interview, we discuss changing one's appearance to bewitch others, we break down the chapter "E.S.P. Extra Sensual Perception" and talk about each of the senses, we discuss Natasha's long list of careers and talents, we discuss the importance of looks and the Law of the Forbidden, and much more. This is one interview that is definitely not to be missed. It is educational and informative. Natasha is truly a talented witch. The background music for this episode was chosen and DJ'd by me and the songs were approved by Natasha. Sadly, we could not get the video portion of this interview to work, so it is audio only. Due to the high audio production quality of this show, it is best listened to in headphones.

natasha nacre

Dark Voices - Episode 004 - BDSM 101

This week, due to a snafu with the interview files I had recorded for the Satanic Witch series, I had to put out an episode I had planned to put out after the Satanic Witch series was finished. I hope you enjoy this episode instead!

In this episode, I talk with owner and operator of Temple of Flesh; the BDSM event where I DJ as DJ Lyra Shae often. This episode focuses more on BDSM rather than Satanism because I wanted to get our listeners  educated on the scene. This interview is jam packed with information for beginners, intermediates, and those who are into advanced play like edge play. We talk about a whole host of topics including the effect of the introduction of the 50 Shades of Gray book series on the scene, what it's like to run a BDSM Dungeon, BDSM relationships vs. vanilla relationships, and much, much more. Steve is hilarious and incredibly insightful. This is one episode not to be missed! All of the music in this episode was hand-picked and DJ'd by me. Steve Shields's personal bio and picture can be found below:

"I am an openly Bi-sexual male. I am married to a women and live in a open relationship. I personally hate labels but in my BDSM and Sexual life I work best when I am in control. So most people call that a TOP / Master / Dom / Daddy / Sir..etc, but I am happy to just be called Steve. When someone gives me control to play them the dynamic is known from that point forward. I started my exploration into BDSM around the age of 16 although I did not know it had a label at that time, to me it was just kinky. I explored on my own until the early 1990s when I found regular partners with the same interests. I gained a small underground reputation for my personal activity and that led to starting Temple of Flesh production company.

Established in 1996, Temple of Flesh is the longest running Fetish Production Company in the state of Texas. Temple of Flesh has produced and/or performed in Fetish Production in the following cities: (San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, Austin, New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, St Louis) Temple of Flesh was also the first to bring London's #1 Fetish Club producers "Torture Garden" to the united states in 1997. Currently Temple of Flesh produces The San Antonio Fetish Balls. Temple of Flesh also runs a "Members only" fetish underground club called "TEMPLE" in San Antonio, TX.

Over time I have had the privilege to meet so many wonderful people from all the events I have produced and I was only able to do so many events because of the wonderful people I know. A hobby besides producing fetish events is photography, I have had such fun taking photos of friends and lovers. I am not that good at it, but I keep trying.

I continue to learn more about BDSM every day it ebb and flows and is always changing and always has new developments, but the exchange of control and the trust you need for that is a constant."

steve shields

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