Confessions of a Wicked Witch #9

Confessions of a Wicked Witch

Nine is the number of the episode, and the number of Satanic Sins!  Hear the Wicked Witch give a detailed elucidation of the Nine Satanic Sins.  Magistra Ygraine also asks: Why are animals so much better than people?  Plus confessions on family, aging, experience, the frighteningly turning into one's parents, and an even more frightening collective curse on certain Satanaflipperoos who've earned it.

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  • 18th Key on

    I just wanted to say that I listened to this show while taking my fitness walk today and it was really good. I suggest younger Satanists or newbs listen to this episode. I am a male cheerleader for Church of Satan women and like to hear a female's perspective on things too and hope more women step up and speak out in The Church of Satan. Thank you for your time and putting this show together. Also, I think I remember your husband was working on a CD and would be interested in hearing about it or given a link to his project. I also have respect for Wrestling and grew up watching it some because my grandfather loved it (not a major fan yet watch it on occasion). As a suggestion, something I am famous for (*smirk*), I think it would be cool if you interviewed your husband on the show. I know he is interesting as you and that would be fun. 🙂

    18th Key
    Citizen of the Infernal Empire

  • 18th Key on

    I agree with what you said about not running out to get a suit as a form of conformity (I am not saying style and class isn't useful just doing it to "fit in" is what is stupid) -- there is enough prepackaged non-conformity as there is. I am from the old school of just being real and yourself and liking what YOU LIKE and not what some impersonal entity wants to foist on you. I am just glad nobody said all Satanists have to wear bell bottoms and tie dyed t-shirts because I hate that shit. 😛

    I have to say that what annoys me the most is phony sounding or acting people. Ohh my Hail Satan it kills the mood!!!! For example, the picture of the super rich person with a fake voice and fake orange tan with big fake pumped up fish lips (this is the Holden Caulfield from the book "The Catcher in the Rye" coming out in me). Hell, no wonder they call it Orange County yet DIGRESSION.

    For me, as a Satanist, I know people know when someone is acting phony and/or pretentious like the "cool guy" who uses the cool guy voice to sound hip or rolls one pant leg up to be cool. Or the guy who stands all puffed up in an art gallery looking at a painting that had elephant dung thrown on it and calls it art. FAKE! I say -- FAKE! Anyway, people know a fake douchebag when they see one. Lol!

    I am not going to SOUND and LOOK like some cartoon character because people can see right through your phoniness and will not take you serious or respect you. I think it would be shooting myself in the foot as a Satanist in the lesser magic department to put those off that I am trying to influence for my benefit by putting on some hipster guy act who has the art of saying profound things to impress others in order to placate his fragile ego. I am not going to have some fake stupid looking hair cut or buy a fake mustache. If one is intelligent, productive and a real success they don't have to prove anything because their actions (real world accomplishments) speak louder than an any act or costume. Don't get me wrong, in the spirit of The Devil's Notebook and the essay "Let me entertain you" there is a time and place for everything. 😉

    That is why I like your show because you, Magistra Ygraine, don't sound phony and come off like real human being and not some cock strutting know-it-all bragging about how awesome you are or how intelligent you are. We all know people who act like this are acting phony and full of bullshit.

    I also agree with what you said about Satanists not having to be perfect and solipsism -- that was a different way of discussing solipsism that I haven't heard before and will re-listen to this episode. I think this is a lesson all can benefit from.

    And, Miss, I love how you was mature enough to admit that you made mistakes when you was young. Yikes! Satan forbid that a Satanist has done something stupid on one occasion or another. Lol! I don't like those fake people who force perfectionism on others when they lead imperfect lives themselves. Trust me, they have done stupid things too and screwed up. Acting like you are perfect is really phony and stupid.

    I have learned in the past years that I can't control others and that I can only control me. A lot of always having to be right or constantly wagging the fingers at each other is about control issues. I think this would be something most Satanists would have issue with because most like to be in control and overly concerned with self-importance. This is why I liked what you said about picking your battles -- good wisdom.

    I can also think of the immature Satanist (who makes other Satanists around them walk on eggshells) that is obsessed with attacking others and being self-righteous going around wagging their fingers in online forums and saying one is not a Satanist at everyone. This type of individual reminds me of the Christian who runs around wagging fingers at other Christians saying they are not real Christians (TM). When I was in church as a child it seemed like Christians were more concerned with pointing out others' flaws than working on their own shortcomings. They told me I should cut my long hair (short these days :-P), listen to Christian music and nothing with offensive language, and stop wearing certain clothing and the list went on and on to the point that my personal freedom and pleasure was hindered by "legalism".

    Take care

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