Confessions of a Wicked Witch #10

Confessions of a Wicked Witch

Magistra Ygraine and her dogs compete for the microphone as the Wicked Witch addresses news and news junkies, educating the public with public speaking, speaking for the Church of Satan, reflections on the curse from episode #8, Satanic feminism, myths about men and women and "equality", and plenty more.

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  • Ryan on

    It was interesting to hear your thoughts on Feminism. My parents impressed upon me the importance of treating a lady "right," so I am thoroughly confused by society and can relate to you on several points. I took to holding the door for older ladies, and ignoring the young ones. It seems to get me a lot less guff. On a trial basis I've started to hold the door for younger ladies and not make eye contact, acknowledge them verbally, or show any facial emotion. I haven't been chewed out yet, so maybe I've found a middle ground where I can be myself but not take heat for being an evil patriarch. 😉

    • magistraygraine on

      Thank you, Ryan, for even giving the matter thought. That alone makes you more of a gentleman than most. IMO it is all context. A door being held open is never an insult to a real lady

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