Confessions of a Wicked Witch #007

Confessions of a Wicked Witch

What are YOU doing for Valentine's? Send your thoughts on the holiday NOW to Magistra Ygraine (, for discussion next month!  And send your hate mail to producer Rev Bill M. (OK, not really). In the meantime, hear the Witch's confessions on the Satanic role of love and relationships, healthcare, the Church of Satan's apolitical position, witches as mothers and lovers for the long term, and Ygraine's recent surgery survival.

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  • Azeri on

    All the best from the CoS all the time! HS!

  • 18th Key on

    I go by the name 18th Key (currently, a non-active CoS member) and enjoyed this episode.

    I hope you get feeling better and wish you and your husband well. I admit I felt bad for you in this episode. Haha 😛

    In regards to Obamacare I suggest the Satanist read Vexen's website on this:

    Also, I would add that there should be a distinction made between those who have “never” worked and seeking welfare and those who have paid out of their paychecks (or paid into) for welfare (like Disability and Food Stamps called SNAP). The former expect something yet have not contributed anything while the later have at least “paid into” these resources (out of their paychecks) for a “temporary safety net" if they get out of work (e.g. including unemployment benefits).

    Things can happen to anyone, including Satanists, *gasps* in today's economy and because of lack of job opportunities for those with no degrees or worthless college degrees.

    Remember, even a Satanist *gasps* could end up with enormous medical bills due to unfortunate health issues (we are not invincible and not perfect human animals), go through an expensive divorce, victim of crime, house catch on fire, natural disasters, etc... So one has to ask, would I like a "temporary safety net" if I ended up in an unfortunate situation out of one's control regardless of pragmatic avoidance to "shit JUST happening".

    However, I agree with Vexen that allowing people to think they can just give up and be taken care of like a child is not healthy for said individual or society as a whole. Didn't Anton Szandor LaVey say not helping people do more good than harm (can't remember the exact quote and location off of the top of my head as I type). I think one solution to these "user types" is to force them to give something in return rather than just letting them show up and collect a check or handout--use your imaginations. For example, make them clean graffiti off of a park bench or pick up the billions of cigarettes on the streets flicked by the "going green" types. Haha

    Then again, for the irked, I think most of society has caught onto the ploys/scams of these types of "entitled" individuals and are resenting them more than they did in the past. I think they are resenting them now that some are finding it to be more challenging in this current economy. I keep hearing many, including Christians (funny because they are supposed to be about feeding the poor, sick and elderly *smirk*) rant on about Socialism and those who are on government assistance.

    In regards to state funded job services, the good thing is there are services like "Vocational Rehabilitation" that will help those with disabilities or even those on disability find work instead of dropping out of the job market to live on welfare. This is good because it helps prepare and help them to become "productive members of society" who work towards society rather than against it. It can help them, regardless of their weakness or disability, to find and hone their strengths to go out and achieve their financial goals within their own capability--even though they are not equal to the stronger members of society. However, a Satanist knows that might isn't always right and that wit and intelligence is as important as physical strength. For example, I had an Uncle, who recently became deceased, who lived many years in a wheelchair YET was a successful lawyer.

    Furthermore, I would like to say that I think it is reprehensible that some (not all) people on welfare abuse the system and steal from the tax payer and those who truly need the assistance. They should be cursed that justice will find them and may the punishment fit the crime. For example, in my state the media has been investigating what some call the "pop train" where people are buying cases of pop and resale it to the public and businesses for profit. The businesses should be punished or shut down if they get caught. The government and state should make these people pay it back with their own money or make them do community service to give back to society what they stole. However, I trust once they are thrown in prison or jail the tax payers will being paying double to clothe. feed and provide medical services to them. Its complicated and I don't have all the answers yet I do curse these assholes. Furthermore, they probably are making taxes higher yet I will leave that to an economic specialist. And these assholes are stealing from the "children" in families who require funds to help their children, well, unless they blow their money on non-essentials.

    This aforementioned in the previous paragraph was on my mind because I have known of people who live on disability money yet use their money to get illegal drugs, cigarettes and alcohol. As a taxpayer, I do not want to pay for their habits. The good thing is that some doctors have caught onto this and will document it which causes them to get knocked out of disability.

    Also, I know of people on government assistance and there are standards one must meet to "qualify". Actually, a lot of people don't qualify because they don't make enough or fall through the cracks for other reasons. Furthermore, it is common knowledge to some that trying to get a disability is VERY difficult; especially, if one is under 50. I have spoken with people who try to get a disability who say it takes more than one attempt PLUS a lawyer to get it so it isn't easy, in other words. So, I feel it would not be accurate to act like getting government assistance is as easy as getting free samples at a grocery store as some would ignorantly lead others to believe. There are a lot of myths out there that people who don't know what they are talking about spread.

    In summary, I agree with Vexen that there may be some social benefits to having government assistance in place. For example, reduction in crime, preventing the homeless from sleeping in everyone's front yard and public property being an eye sore--if there was no homeless shelters or programs, etc... Currently, in my hometown they have a problem with the homeless sleeping in public places (like inside public libraries or 24 hour restaurants) due to not being enough room in homeless shelters.

    However, I feel it is the white-lighters job to fund most of this and not totally on the public's dime. I think society needs to look back at churches and demand they do something to contribute more than just taking land for business and residential development (and multiplying like a plague since churches has to have "a different building" for every opinion of doctrine).

    Anyway, Its complicated so I will leave this to the politicians and experts while I put more focus on things I can control; yet, it still makes for interesting conversation to say the least. Haha


    Note: These are just my opinions and I do not speak for the Church of Satan or its other members.


    Why can't the homeless just get jobs? (interesting article that illustrates what types of barriers the homeless who "want to work" face):

    Pop train link:

    When using drugs or alcohol can knock one out of disability:

    Albert Ellis 21 Ways to Stop Worrying:

    • magistraygraine on

      No one can accuse you of not giving the matter a great deal of thought and seeing all manner of "sides" to these issues. I agree that the traditional churches should be made to "earn" their tax exempt status by practicing the charity they preach. I also agree with my dear father, a self-confessed Trotskyite (and I will confess I haven't the slightest what that actually entails,) who claims to want to help the homeless because leaving them out is aesthetically displeasing. I also am loathe to see suffering except on those who richly deserve it.

    • 18th Key on

      "I agree that the traditional churches should be made to "earn" their tax exempt status by practicing the charity they preach."

      I come from a religious background (Mister Yuck Face) and I do know that some churches have soup kitchens, rental assistance for the needy, food pantries and homeless facilities.

      However, what irks me is all of the megachurches and the fact that there is one Bible yet a church on almost every street corner for every denominational difference of opinion. Also, all of these unnecessary buildings steal land from residential and business development.

      Then again, Blanche Barton, if I recall correctly, wrote about this saying that society will start seeing them for the businesses that they are and they will eventually end up paying taxes in one form or another.

      In my opinion, if one cares and feels like making a difference, one could use their good guy badge and reframe one's thoughts on taxing churches as something that would benefit them. So rather than coming off as a jerk and wagging one's righteous finger in their face (which causes them to not listen and be defensive) one could say it would help the country and those in need and "the American thing to do" (pulling out the patriotic good guy badge on them). What Saint could resist not wanting to look like MORE OF A SAINT? *smirk* Maybe it would be a GOOD IDEA (from their perspective) to be a "tax paying boob" (the Saint scratches chin and thinks about more God brownie points).

      "I also agree with my dear father, a self-confessed Trotskyite (and I will confess I haven't the slightest what that actually entails,) who claims to want to help the homeless because leaving them out is aesthetically displeasing."

      No sin there. 😛 I tend to read on many different subjects and so I can relate to not knowing everything. I think most people have unique areas of specialty knowledge and that is what makes humans individuals. However, just because somebody doesn't know how to change breaks on a car like I do I will not wag my finger in a puffed up manner and dismiss them as "entirely stupid". That is just me and I would feel stupid for being like that. Haha "There is a difference between knowing it all (which I respect) and being a know-it-all."

      Anyway, to clarify my position on government programs, I simply think some government programs do serve a practical "social purpose" and a "purpose for the government". I think the morale in a country is very important to keep the population happy and to prevent other negative social issues. Also, for example, it cuts down on crime, diseases, etc... when less people our living in squalor or have shelter. Furthermore, in my town, I hear people complain about the homeless coming inside business establishments for shelter yet I hear about homeless shelters in my town not having enough room for them. Where the hell do these people who are complaining want them to go -- under this current social setup. This is why a third side is important to consider for society in this current system.

      As for me, I only desire to help those that I love and friends who earn it. However, I do like making myself happy by occasionally doing things for family or friends but not for ingrates.

      I tried buying girls roses in High School that I had a crush on until a couple of them wouldn't take them and one girl threw it on the ground. I learned real quick. Haha

      "I also am loathe to see suffering except on those who richly deserve it."

      I agree there are a lot who deserve it by their own actions.

      I don't like seeing those I care about suffer either yet who said life was a respecter of persons.

  • 18th Key on

    "...demand they do something to contribute more than just taking land ***FROM*** business and residential development (and multiplying like a plague since churches has to have "a different building" for every opinion of doctrine)."

    I meant to say FROM instead of FOR.

  • Devin Shadde on

    Hey Ygraine. I hope all is well with you. Missing your episodes. - Devin

  • magistraygraine on

    Hey kids, already getting some segments ready for our second season. I can't wait to share them with you. Comments of any variety please me no end.

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