Confessions of a Wicked Witch #005

Confessions of a Wicked Witch

Hear a few Confessions that didn't make it into some of the past episodes, including a spoken essay by Ygraine on Richard Ramirez and other pseudo-Satanists, along with an alternate but more extensive discussion with daughter Satania and Ygraine's (non)spiritual journey.  Plus, an assortment of witchy tunes!

Admin note: A prior release of this post went out with audio for episode 3.  This has now been corrected.

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  • Bill M. on

    ATTENTION! Some of you might notice that what's playing here is NOT episode #5, but rather episode #3! We're working on fixing this right now. In the mean time, you can access the REAL episode #5 using this link:

    • Bill M. on

      ...and the problem has been fixed! Thanks for your patience.

  • 18thKey on

    18thKey on Phelps types, Annoying Christians and devil worshippers:

    Recently, Magus Peter Gilmore said that Phelps "often deployed in various obnoxious intrusions into the lives of others who had no interest in his opinions nor those of his supporters" in a news post.

    This made me think of some annoying atheists, Satanists, non-Christian religious followers and even devil worshipers who do the same. It even made me take a look in the mirror which is good to do every now and then even though THAT is REALLY SCARY. Haha

    I know that trying to reason with most Christians is only an exercise in frustration. They have an explanation for EVERYTHING, LIE at times and are always right. I will take their Bible's advice and not cast my pearls before the TRUE swine unless they ask. If you try to talk sense to them they always have a way of making you look like the one who is stupid or that has no sense. It is a win-loose situation most of the time unless they can learn to question and doubt their own beliefs.

    I think the Satanist should consider the Devil's Notebook "Let Me Entertain You" essay. I think this essay's advice is worth considering only if it entertains YOU. I realize masturbation isn't only limited to one's genitals.

    Also, I understand why saying Satanists don't do "x" can protect members; yet, I wonder if it does any good. Usually, they think we are lying or trying to deceive them. From their religion's point of view they believe that "Satan is the father of all lies" and "he tricks people by convincing them that he doesn't exist." And I remember Christians during the Satanic panic (I am a 40yrs man) saying Satanists were lying about not doing "x" because “Satanists are supposed to deceive and trick people”.

    Anyway, what is the worse they CAN do if we are not breaking the law? However, these days, I think there is enough information out there that one shouldn't need to be overly concerned. It's not like the 80's when the internet was just starting out.

    So rather than reacting to their stupidity we can have our books, website and live as law abiding citizens to prove them wrong. If they make a false accusation then we should demand evidence and direct them to our website and literature to prove them wrong. As an aside, I do find it amusing to throw it in their face where the Bible says LYING will throw them in a lake of fire (Revelation 21v8).

    I think some waste too much time and their energy complaining about Satanists being "misunderstood". Newsflash! Calling yourself a Satanist is going to piss people off! Resisting “what is” and complaining isn't going to change the majority of them. This is as fruitless as wishing a pine tree was an oak tree.

    Whether we like it or not, Christians lump Satanists in the same category as devil worshipers under the label "Satanism". Also, devil worshipers lump themselves in the category of Satanists and isn't going to change. They think they have this right to call themselves Satanists and a Satanist wishing otherwise or taking up a cause against it will only cause one to softly beat their head against a wall. I am not saying to not clear up BS; yet, just saying, it may do no good.

    The “Goodguy Badge” in “The Devil's Notebook” talks about the need for “the other” that the reader should consider. I realize no Satanist is perfect, yet I think one should look in the mirror if they pissed at the aforementioned types.

    And hearing some open Satanists sound like Wiccans who say, "Hello! I am a Satanist BUT I DONT WORSHIP THE DEVIL!" is odd. Doesn't this sound like pagans or Wiccans who preface everything with this to not be “misunderstood”. Remember “The Devil's Notebook” talking about doing the Devil's work and not taking his name?

    I am proud to be a Satanist yet I can be proud and keep it to myself too. If I come out of the closet then that is on me and I will get what comes with that. I think some of us need to realize they think such things because of their screwed up perspectives. They know not what they do...

    Last, it can still be fun to “put on a good show” or speak out when feeling smart or ornery. Fun is part of Satanism too. 😉


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