Glory Is Noise Episode #31 - Penny Rimbaud

December 17, 2012

On this episode, Joel welcomes one of his primary influences - drummer, writer and poet Penny Rimbaud - for a lengthy chat about Penny's work with Crass (1977-1984), the recent re-issue of the band's controversial final record Ten Notes On A Summer's Day, his current work with Youth (Killing Joke) and The Bloody Beetroots and his thoughts on Pussy Riot and Occupy Wall Street.

Penny Rimbaud at Southern Records

Ten Notes On A Summer's Day

The Bloody Beetroots

The New Banalists Orchestra

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Effectionhate - Glory Is Noise Theme

Crass - Ten Notes On A Summer's Day (Vocal Version)

The New Banalists Orchestra - Mammon's Minions

Crass - Outro

Glory Is Noise Episode #30 - Brendan Canty/Rites of Spring

October 30, 2012

On this episode, host Joel Gausten welcomes veteran drummer Brendan Canty (Rites of Spring/Fugazi/Deadline/Happy Go Licky) to discuss Rites of Spring's 1984 demo, which was just given an official commercial release by Dischord Records. Additionally, Brendan discusses his years in the DC music scene, his current projects and the future of Fugazi.

Rites of Spring at Dischord
Happy Go Licky at Dischord
One Last Wish at Dischord

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Effectionhate - Glory Is Noise Theme
Rites Of Spring - End On End (Demo)
Rites of Spring - By Design (Demo)
One Last Wish- Friendship Is Far
One Last Wish - Loss Like A Seed
Happy Go Licky - Peterbilt
Fugazi - Bulldog Front
Deadline - Aftermath
Rites Of Spring - Drink Deep

Glory Is Noise Episode #29 - Paul Roessler

October 17, 2012

On this episode, host Joel Gausten welcomes returning guest Paul Roessler (The Screamers/45 Grave/Twisted Roots/DC3/Fancy Space People) for a lengthy chat on Paul's many current musical projects including The Manic Low (with Jack Grisham of TSOL) and "The Arc," a 47-minute song that he is about to release after a 37-year creative process.

Paul Roessler's Official Website

Paul Roessler at Soundcloud

Pre-Order Paul Roessler's "The Arc"

The Manic Low

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Effectionhate - Glory Is Noise Theme

Twisted Roots - She's A Rainbow

The Manic Low - Good Girls Come Home

The Manic Low - Some Girls Own Me

Single Mothers - Reality Blockers

Single Mothers - White Lightnin Sun

Fancy Space People - Fancy Space People (Theme)

Paul Roessler - Excerpt from "The Arc"

The Screamers - Punish Or Be Damned

Twisted Roots - The Yellow One


Glory Is Noise Episode #28 - Edward Colver

October 1, 2012

On this episode, host Joel Gausten welcomes legendary Los Angeles-based photographer Edward Colver for an in-depth talk about Edward's iconic work with numerous Punk, Hardcore, Rap and Alternative acts. A small sampling of Edward's vast list of photographed artists is reflected in this episode's playlist (see below). The conversation revolves around numerous images from Edward's book, Blight At The End Of The Funnel, available for purchase at

Some of Edward's classic photos are currently on display at the Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles as part of the exhibit, "Who Shot Rock & Roll," running now through October 21. More information on this can't-miss exhibit is available at

We highly recommend that you purchase Blight At The End Of The Funnel before listening to this show, so you can look at the images discussed in this episode. Here is a reference list of the images/page numbers (in order of discussion):

Page 62: Henry Rollins

Page 26-30: Dead Kennedys

Page 33: Darby Crash

Page 34: Danny from Wasted Youth

Page 44-45: Ian MacKaye

Front Cover: Wasted Youth "flip"

Page 50: John Lydon

Page 51: Gun Club

Page 53: TSOL

Page 55: Flipper

Page 18: Rozz Williams

Page 62-63: Black Flag "Damaged" outtakes

Page 64-68: Black Flag live

Page 76-77: 45 Grave

Page 82: Bad Brains

Page 89: Stan Ridgeway (Wall of Voodoo)

Page 98: Red Hot Chili Peppers

Page 113: Coen Brothers

Page 114: 45 Grave

Page 117: Devo

Page 118: Brian Setzer

Page 119: Ice Cube

Page 122-125: Michael Stipe

Page 108-111: REM

Page 126: Andy Warhol

Page 128-129: Alice Cooper

Page 131: Timothy Leary

Page  132-133: The original Hard Rock Cafe

Page 146: "One Big Crappy Family"

Page 148-149: Hollywood sign

Page 150: Lightning by spooky house

Page 145: Murder scene/ China White's "Danger Zone"

Page 159: Edward Colver, "In Gold We Trust"

Page 161: Edward Colver

Page 160: Smoking squirrel

Page 163: "Venice and the Menace"

Page 164: Let Them Eat Jellybeans

Page 166: Wall of Voodoo's "Grandma's House" original cover image

Page 167: Abandoned TV and airchair

Page 186: Piss Grant/Peace of Shit/Well-Hung Klansman/Untitled

Page 179: "One Sick Puppy"

Page 174: "Lease Mona"

Page 175: "Optic, Not to be Destroyed"



Effectionhate - Glory Is Noise Theme

Christian Death - Cavity/First Communion

Christian Death - Figurative Theatre

Circle Jerks - Wild In The Streets

Black Flag - Rise Above

Dead Kennedys - Too Drunk to Fuck

Germs - Media Blitz

Public Image Ltd. - Socialist

Gun Club - The Fire Of Love

Flipper - Way Of The World

45 Grave - Evil

Red Hot Chili Peppers - True Men Don't Kill Coyotes

REM - Feeling Gravity's Pull

Alice Cooper - Desperado

Social Distortion - Hour Of Darkness

Minor Threat - Salad Days

Wall Of Voodoo - Ring Of Fire

TSOL - World War III


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Glory Is Noise Episode #27 - Martika

March 19, 2012

On this episode, Joel welcomes Martika, best known for her 1989 Number 1 hit "Toy Soldiers," who recently released her first solo single in 20 years, "Flow With The Go." Martika discusses her plans for a new album and tour, her global fame in the late '8os, working with Prince in composing the 1991 Top 10 hit "Love...Thy Will Be Done" and why she walked away from the music industry in the early '90s.

Glory Is Noise is a show on listener-supported Radio Free Satan. Host Joel Gausten offers an eclectic mix of music and exclusive interviews with mainstream and underground recording artists. The show’s Official Facebook Page is at

Martika's Official Website:

Episode 27 Playlist:

Effectionhate - Glory Is Noise Theme

Martika - Toy Soldiers

Martika - Flow With The Go

Martika - Love...Thy Will Be Done

Glory Is Noise Episode #26 - Dog Rescue Edition w/ Al Jourgensen

March 5, 2012

On a very special edition of the Glory Is Noise online radio show, host Joel Gausten welcomes his wife, canine behaviorist Shannon Gausten, and Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen for an in-depth discussion on the importance of dog rescue. The hour-long episode, which also features music from Ministry's upcoming album “Relapse” as well as Jourgensen's recently-released Buck Satan & The 666 Shooters album Bikers Welcome! Ladies Drink Free,” can be listened to below. 

Dog rescue is a long-running concern for Jourgensen, who in December of last year released a limited-edition, hand-numbered “Buck Santa Xmas Bundle” in support of Rockstar Rescue. A limited edition of 365, the bundle includes a three-song CD (signed by Jourgensen), a Ministry Xmas koozie, a Ministry Eco Shopping Bag, a Buck Satan guitar pick and other goodies. With each sale of a bundle, $7 is donated to Rockstar Rescue, who need that amount of money per dog, per day. So with each bundle, Ministry fans are supporting one dog for one day. Once all the bundles are sold, one dog will be supported for an entire year. Additionally, Al and Angie Jourgensen will do matching funds to whatever monies are raised by Ministry fans – meaning that two dogs will be supported for one year! More information on the bundle is available at

In addition to her work as a canine specialist, Shannon Gausten is a lifelong advocate of dog rescue organizations and currently oversees the operations of the dog park in her hometown of Concord, NH.

Glory Is Noise host Joel Gausten is currently coordinating the release of a special dog rescue charity single to be released later this spring. Confirmed participants in the as-yet-unnamed project include Troy Gregory (ex Prong/Flotsam And Jetsam/Swans/Killing Joke) and former Public Image Limited bassist Pete Jones. 

Glory Is Noise is a show on listener-supported Radio Free Satan. Each episode, host Joel Gausten offers an eclectic mix of music and exclusive interviews with mainstream and underground recording artists. The show’s Official Facebook Page is at

Episode 26 Playlist:

Effectionhate – Glory Is Noise Theme

Ministry – 99 Percenters

Ministry – Double Tap

Buck Satan & The 666 Shooters – Medication Nation

Buck Satan & The 666 Shooters – Friend Of The Devil

Ministry – Land of Rape & Honey

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