Show: Satanic Story Time

Aaron Mantle was born in Dayton, Ohio and raised in Miamisburg. He became an active member of the Church of Satan on April 11, 2012. Aaron attended Central Texas College and received his Associates Degree in General Studies. He is currently researching a major that he feels will be suitable to actively pursue. He overcame adversity by making a better life for himself when he enlisted in the United States Army where he presently serves as a Non-
Commissioned Officer. In addition to the “nine to five”, Aaron Mantle enjoys playing horror board games, watching horror movies, and writing fiction. He is currently writing for an album and writing a book that mirrors his unique perspective of his own subjective reality with a satanic slant. Aaron Mantle is also a vocalist and enjoys singing as one of his pastimes. One of his goals is to obtain an acoustic guitar and develop skills that will enable him to produce an album. His enigmatic and introspective qualities eventually inspired him to conjure up the Satanic Story Time Podcast which is now available on Radio Free Satan and other internet venues. Aaron Mantle currently resides in North Carolina with his wife, Rachael and their dogs, Lucy, Holly, Ezmeralda, and Misty. He can be contacted at