9th Anniversary: Best of Blasphemy #12!

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This week marks 9 years for The Devil's Mischief!  In celebration of nine years of carnal comedy clips and netherworld novelty numbers, Reverend Bill M. presents two all new BEST OF BLASPHEMY specials!  As with all past Best of Blasphemy specials, here's your chance to hear the best Bible-blasting, Christian-crushing, religion-wrecking tracks from past episodes, and not included included in any of the past Best of Blasphemy specials.  Listen now to the Best of Blasphemy #12!

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  • Jeff on

    HAHA, sky cake. Heaven's very own little bake sale. Very fitting since the church has been selling false hope to the masses one slice at a time from the beginning. I found a funny website you might be interested in, it's a mock online church called Land Over Baptist. It's a treasure trove of blasphemy! I'm guessing you probably already know about it, but if not here's the website: landoverbaptist.org Enjoy! Can't wait to next week. Happy 9th anniversary!!!!

    Hail Devil's Mischief!

  • Bill M. on

    Oh I've known about Landover Baptist for well over a decade. It's a classic example of a phenomenon known as Poe's Law, which essentially says that it's impossible to create a parody of extremism that somebody won't eventually mistake as the real thing. Though they used to be an even more ambiguous site in their earlier days, if you can believe it. Their forums are still hilarious.

    Thanks for listening! Glad you liked the Patton Oswalt.

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