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    Classic horror movie commentary from the silent era up until the late 1980s

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    Short story horror classics with a satanic slant, narration, and reenactment.

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    Witchy wisdom from the witchy wisdom of Magistra Ygraine

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    Heavy metal of across all genres: Death, Black, Doom, Trash, Classic, and more.

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Metal Invaders Episode 125 "Gluttony Day Special"

This week, Dj Hell On Wheels ditches the turkey and gives you something else to be thankful for by  serving up a heaping helping of Metal!

So tune in and bang your head while you gorge yourself this Gluttony Day!

As of this episode shows will be at least ninety minutes or more in length


Setlist is as follows


  1. Theatres Des Vampires "Lilith Mater Inferorum"
  2. Crest Of Darkness "Demon Child"
  3.  Principality Of Hell "The Bleeding Nun"
  4. Prong  "Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck
  5. Exodus "The Toxic Waltz"
  6. King Diamond "Arrival"
  7. Tsjuder "Fra En Råtten Kiste"
  8. Rotting Christ "In Yumen/Xibalba"
  9. Watain "The Child Must Die
  10. Mayhem "Miiab"
  11. Ancient "Blackeyes
  12. Inferno "The Funeral of Existence"
  13. Satyricon ""Dominions of Satyricon"
  14. Nargaroth "Amarok - Zorn Des Lammes III"
  15. Possession Ritual "Incense of Opened Gates"

The Devil's Mischief #551 - Thanksgiving 2015

It's time for the annual THANKSGIVING LEFTOVERS special!  Hear an assortment of great clips that had to be trimmed from previous episodes, including some from the infamous episode #500.  DOUG STANHOPE, BOBBY SLAYTON, extra tracks from the Halloween special, the 'Xmas with Jim Morrison' special, and more. Because unlike turkey, good comedy never spoils!

Vox Satanae - Episode #268

Vox Satanae - Episode 268 - 113 Minutes - Week of 23 November 2015

This week we feature works by Esaias Reusner, Leonardo Vinci, Johann Baptist Wanhal, John Knowles Paine, and Miklós Rózsa with performances by Michael Schäffer, Simone Kermes, Le Musiche Nove, Claudio Osele, Musica Florea, Marek Štryncl, Vinson Cole, John Cheek, Carmen Balthrop, Joy Blackett, The Saint Louis Symphony Chorus and Orchestra, Gunther Schuller, Lawrence Power, The BBC National Orchestra of Wales, and Anu Tali.

Dark Whispers - Episode 002 - Just F$@#ing Die Already

The long awaited 2nd episode is finally here! My apologies for the delay. As I explain in the podcast, due to medical issues and a hospitalization, I was unable to get this out until now. No worries, however, as I am back at full capacity and don't expect any future delays. This episode's title comes from that phrase you utter when you're playing a video game and that boss just doesn't seem to want to die. The theme is centered around killing, revenge, death, etc. and is meant to be a vent for your various frustrations; whether they be at work, home, or life in general. This week's episode features #VNV Nation, #Combichrist, #Unter Null, #Wumpscut, and many more! So, tune in, grab that stress ball, and release the rage!

A quick note RE the recent attacks in Paris: this episode was planned and done before the attacks happened. Please don't contact me thinking that this particular episode is related in any way.

Vox Satanae - Episode #267

Vox Satanae - Episode 267 - 121 Minutes - Week of 16 November 2015

This week we feature works by Antonio Lotti, Giovanni Battista Viotti, Anton Bruckner, Victor Young, and Ricky Ian Gordon with performances by The Balthasar-Neumann Chorus and Ensemble, Thomas Hengelbrock, Franco Mezzena, The Viotti Chamber Orchestra, Luciano Borin, The Berlin Philharmonic, Claudio Abbado, Victor Young, Peter Halverson, Robert Orth, Brian Leerhuber, Jesse Blumberg, Kelly Kaduce, Andrew Wilkowske, Deanne Meek, Joshua Kohl, Roger Honeywell, Rosalind Elias, Maeve Moynihan, The Minnesota Opera Orchestra and Chorus, and Grant Gershon.

Satanic Story Time - Episode 30 – “The Murders in the Rue Morgue” Includes Rare Interview with Vincent Price

Murders in the Rue MorgueThe Devil’s Tuning Fork: Iron Maiden’s “Murders in the Rue Morgue” from their 1981 album, Killers.

The Devil’s Workshop: Edgar Allan Poe’s short story, “The Murders in the Rue Morgue” as adapted for radio theater by the CBS Radio Mystery Theater in 1975.

The Devil is in the Details: A rare interview with Vincent Price from 1971.

Satanic Story Time Announcements: The Satanic Players Society Samhain 2015 Special, “The Book of Ixin”, is now available for purchase at CDBaby, Google Play, Amazon, and iTunes. Episode 30 contains sneak previews of “The Book of Ixin” written by Citizen Horror.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 36.1

“For mash, get Smash!”

Hurrah! Another new show and it’s just Dave and Bob. We like to call this one the transitional episode, as something new - or rather, someone - is coming. It’s also business as usual as the online promotional companies continue to submit bands of all shapes and sizes for us to critique and give commentary over. Some make it, others don’t. Beers were quaffed and laughs were had. Did we mention that beers were quaffed? Listen in to hear SANCTRUM, NEVERSUN, KAOS VORTEX, CORPSE GARDEN, EPI-DEMIC, FROSTHELM, BARISHI, MAIM, STIGMATIZED, JUST BEFORE DAWN, AFFLICTION GATE, CANOPY, JOHANSSON AND SPECKMANN, THE SEVEN GATES, BONE GNAWER, DEAD MEAT and MOTORHEAD.

Metal Breakfast Radio - Episode 36.1

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